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Publisher and Advertising Sales
Glen Harris
Tel: 705.441.6334
[email protected]

Ned Morgan
[email protected]

Editor at Large
Colin Field
[email protected]

Creative Director
Amelie Legare
[email protected]

Simone Sterio-Risk
Tel: 705.888.1959
[email protected]


  1. jeremy says:

    Hi there, you wrote an article on a women Leslie Timms stating she was the the first Canadian women to get her PCGI it should be noted that there are other women in Canada before this to get their full ACMG which is much more intensive, these women can guide rock climbing, ice climbing, multi pitch routes, mountaineering, and ski guiding all over the world.


  2. bev Lapointe says:

    Hi Glen: is there a calendar in your magazine for free event advertising.
    I don’t have a magazine in front of me now and I was wondering if you would have space for any of these events? The Folk Rock Show/featuring RPR (formerly Tanglefoot) May 11-Saturday-7:30pm-tickets $25visa/m/c
    2nd Show: The True Country Show: June 29th-Saturday-tickets $25
    featuring Lavender Rose=-Bettyanne Bray-Cobean-spec. special guest??
    3rd Show: Blues Fest featuring The Bearcats & The MacKenzie Blues Band – August 10, Saturday – 7:30pm – all events at MARSH STREET CENTRE, CLARKSBURG 519-599-7837. Hosted by our Bill Murdoch and Arnie Clark – should be a hoot – any questions 519-599-5584.
    Fund raising for the Marsh Centre.

  3. nedmorgan says:

    Hi Bev,
    We don’t have an in-magazine calendar but if you post these events on your Facebook page, we will share them on ours. Thanks!

  4. i’m gonna come say hi during wakestock. also comments on the contact page. wut up!

  5. Wahnita Hammond says:

    I am hoping to get a message to Collin Field and Cory Davies (which ever one has the Norco Bigfoot). I would like him to take a look at our Bigfoot Sightings group on facebook. Being a huge fan of Norco and one of their dealers, I started the group and it is dedicated solely to Norco Bigfoot riders. There is a great group of riders in the group that share their photos, videos, and help each other when needed. You should check it out! Here is the link….

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