Where’s the Whip?

This photo is rotting on my hard drive. I like it, but it’s unusable. It’s not the composition, the exposure, or the rider that kills the photo. It’s the fact… Read More

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Proper Parenting?

After posting images of himself skating in his backyard skatepark with his 4 year old daughter, Tony Hawk learned all about media backlash. There were people taunting him about lack… Read More


Big Guns @ Joyride 150

Specialized brought a few of their ‘top pros’ out to Markham’s Joyride 150 a couple week ago. While this place is constantly getting torn a new one by the likes… Read More


These Are NOT Collingwood’s Dirt Jumps

Wouldn’t it be cool if Collingwood, Meaford and Owen Sound had actually committed to building dirt jumps rather than just dumping a bunch of crappy dirt in random places in… Read More

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One-Legged BMX

There’s been a few one-legged rider videos floating around lately and they’re damn inspirational. But I think Kurt Yaeger wins the prize. A magnetic pedal? Genius. Seems to me though,… Read More

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Danny Macaskill Who?

It’s not often that BMX videos blow me away. Sure hucking giant stair gaps like Sean Burns will never get old, but the amount of skill it requires is questionable.… Read More

The Birth of Big Air

How sweet is this? We get to watch Mat Hoffman knock himself out again and again and again, and again… Spike Jonze and Johnny Knoxville are behind this doc…. should… Read More